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Setting a static IP on Printer


Will setting a manual (or static IP) address on my printer protect my PC from losing connection with my remote printer?

On the off chance that your system switch changes the printer's IP address, the printer programming introduced on your PC may not get refreshed with the new IP deliver when endeavoring to print. It can give the printer a manual (or static) IP address. When set, this location won't change except if you change it. When you set the manual IP address on the printer, you may need to utilize the Refresh IP Address utility from the HP printer programming or uninstall and reinstall the product if the printer isn't recognized naturally when printing.

To give your printer a static IP address:

From the control board of your printer, print a System Arrangement page and Remote System Test report, and record your printer's IP address.

Contrast the printer's IP address with the entryway IP address (or, in other words address of your switch).

They ought to have a comparative configuration (for instance, the passage IP address may be and the printer IP address

In the event that the printer has an IP deliver like 127.254.XXX.XXX or, it isn't associated with your remote system.

Sort the printer's IP address into your Web program's location bar, and press Return.

The Printer Landing page ought to show up, showing the printer's inside settings.

Pick the Systems administration tab, at that point the Remote tab, at that point the

IPv4 tab (your menu way might be marginally unique, contingent upon the model).

On the page that shows up, do the accompanying:

Set a Manual IP.

Your remote switch consequently sets an IP address inside a particular range (called the DHCP run).

In the event that you comprehend what the DHCP extend is,

set an IP address in which the last arrangement of numbers is outside that range, however no higher than 254.

Keep the initial three arrangements of numbers the equivalent.

On the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea about the DHCP extend, select a genuinely high IP address,

as 250 (once more, for the last arrangement of numbers).

To find out about your switch's DHCP go, contact your Network access Supplier (ISP) or remote switch producer.

For the subnet address, utilize, except if you realize that it is unique, in which case you should utilize that number.

For the entryway address and the principal DNS, enter your switch's IP (it is on the System Arrangement and Remote System Test reports).

Leave the second DNS field clear.

Snap Apply.

The screen won't revive. On the off chance that you changed the printer's IP address from what you composed into your Web program,

you should type in the new IP deliver into your program to get to the printer.

On the off chance that you didn't change your printer's IP address, hold up 30 seconds in the wake of clicking Apply,

and after that tap the Revive catch in your program.

Print another System Arrangement page from your printer to confirm its IP address is the thing that you allocated.

Kill both the remote switch and printer

Restart the remote switch.

After the remote switch restarts, restart the printer.

In the event that you changed your printer's IP address, at that point there might be an extra advance required,

contingent upon your printer show (and just for Windows clients):

Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7:

Begin - > Projects - > HP - > {your printer model} - > Refresh IP Address

Windows 8:

Dispatch the Printer Programming from the Begin screen (symbol for the printer display name) or from the tile named for your printer.
Select (snap or contact) Utilities on the highest point of the Printer Programming screen
Select Refresh IP Address
On the off chance that this section exists, click it and enter the new manual IP Address that you made.

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